#196 Han Groo to tie the knot with non-celebrity boyfriend in early November

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Originally posted on: Oct 04, 2015

Newsen - Nate: Han Groo's reps release official statement "It's true that she will tie the knot in early November with boyfriend who's 9 years her senior"

1. [+146, -9] Wow this unni is coolㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱBe happy 

2. [+127, -7] I didn't know that he's 9 years older~ Congrats on your marriage. Be happy!!!^^

3. [+107, -6] Be happy

4. [+19, -2] The 9-year age gap isn't obvious!


5. [+3,086, -47] She's getting married at 24??? Wow they really must be in love~ Be happy~

6. [+2,731, -59] Heol Han Groo's very young... I thought she's in her late 20s at least....

7. [+1,710, -53] They're in a rush because he's 9 years older

8. [+1,848, -195] He's a non-celebrity and I wonder which company owners are his parents

9. [+1,144, -46] They match well~~~~ Congrats and be happy

10. [+245, -13] I,too, think that marrying at a later age is better but it's not cool to nag others about regretting their marriage later on. Who are we to judge? Let's just wish for their happiness

11. [+199, -5] Worrying about celebrities is useless

12. [+170, -27] She will become the 2nd Lee Yo Won who gets more courageous and stable as time goes by. Marriage will do her good

13. [+155, -5] Han Groo's getting married at such a young age~ She could still embrace her 20s more. . Anyway, they probably like each other a lot

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