Welcome to kkuljaem! Thank you so much for stopping by this corner of the internet! This blog translates Korean netizens comments on topics primarily on Korean dramas, variety shows and idols. I initially started to blog as a way to improve my Korean skills but it has become a space to share stuff that I think is interesting and hope that readers will find interesting too.

What does kkuljaem (pronounced cool jam) mean? It’s a Korean slang that’s an aggregation of two words: kkul (honey) + jaemi (fun), combined to literally mean ‘as fun as honey’ or it can just mean ‘ very fun’. I had no idea what to call this blog at first but I decided to settle with kkuljaem after seeing it on countless netizen comments on drama articles. One cool fact is that the word ‘kkul’ is also often combined with other words to emphasize that something is good (ie. kkultip = good/helpful tip, kkulkaemi =good chemistry). Those are just two I can think off the top of my head.

I have loved watching dramas from a young age. I remember being addicted to My Girl and Goong. And then, I got into kpop and started learning Korean for fun not expecting that I’d be translating and blogging about it years later. I'm still improving and learning to this day and this blog has been a big help with that process. My source is primarily Naver but I also source from Daum and Nate. I sometimes translate posts from Daum Cafe, Instiz and Today Humor. I hope you enjoy this blog and find it fun and informative. If you’ve got requests, head on over to the Requests page.

Disclaimers and Reminders 
1. Keep in mind that Korean netizens do NOT represent the whole Korean population nor the comments translated reflect my own opinions.
2. Treat fellow commenters with respect and keep the comment section civil.
3. I do NOT watch every single one of the shows I translate so expect inaccuracies and if I absolutely do not understand the comment, I sometimes skip translating it. However,  I do watch clips and even search for the episodes to understand the context of what a commenter is referring to.

If posting my translations to other sites/forums, please remember to credit my blog.

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