A struggle of international fans

Daum Cafe: 'An enviable thing about being Korean' that was posted at a foreign humor community.jpg

-Why do you need subtitles?
┗Because Korean dramas are popular
┗There are a lot foreigners that watch Korean

-I can relate to this when finding American shows with Korean subs

-We are all the same ㅋㅋ Ever since the strict regulation of Korean subtitles on American shows was enforced, it's become harder to find American shows with subs

-I struggle with finding foreign shows with Korean subs too ㅋㅋ

-Our shows aren't only popular in Asia but also in Europe and America, especially to teen girls. You will realize when you go on YouTube or when you see international fans

-I work part time at a company that sells kpop merchandise and we get so many inquiries about Goblin

-I always see tons of dramas and idol reality shows that have english subs ㅋㅋ


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