Writer Kim Eun Sook initially rejected Lee Dong Wook for grim reaper role

Naver - Maeil Kyungje: Lee Dong Wook almost never became grim reaper 

1. [+211, -3] I can't imagine anyone as grim reaper other than Lee Dong Wook.. I offer him a deep bow for not giving up

2. [+173, 0] Sending a round of applause for his passion for acting that doesn't make a distinction between a main and secondary lead. This drama has certainly put him on spotlight, I'm wishing him success!( From a huge fan )

3. [+159, 0] Woah, I was thinking that the casting lineup is art but he actually made it happen! ㅋㅋ Out of all the characters in Goblin, I really can't imagine anyone else as grim reaper..! Lee Dong Wook's a true actor. As a fan, I'm sad that he was treated in such a way.. He must be proud! So cool!

4. [+154, -4] He wanted the role but he got rejected, I didn't know ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ As a fan, I feel bad for him.. I hope writer Kim Eun Sook now acknowledges that Lee Dong Wook is a good fit for the role because he's also acknowledged by viewers!

5. [+123, 0] He matches the role.. I don't understand why he was rejected

6. [+58, 0] It wasn't even for the lead role but for an actor who's only done lead roles to wanna play a character so badly, he got rejected but appealed for it again. He's a true actor without any star disease. He has strong affection for acting, he's amazing. His agency's so nice to support him throughout. Lee Dong Wook's the best actor they could cast for grim reaper and I'm watching the drama for that reason

7. [+58, 0] Can't imagine anybody playing grim reaper other than Lee Dong Wook.. He has standout chemistry with everyone

8. [+57, 0] That's amazing of you for not giving up until the end. Thanks for playing grim reaper so well!

9. [+54, 0] His passion for his work is incredible

10. [+51, 0] Grim reaper = Lee Dong Wookㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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