[Spoilers] Oh My Geum Bi (Finale)

Naver - Mydaily: 'Geum Bi' finale, Heo Jung Eun reaches her 17th birthday... miraculous happy ending 

1. [+3,169, -28] The fact that she's alive is a happy ending. Thank you Geum Bi-ya

2. [+1,852, -37] Geum Bi-ya~ You're gonna be healthier when you reach your 18th~

3. [+1,855, -40] Although the ending felt rushed, it was a good decision to end it on a good note!! Well done Jung Eun!

4. [+1,218, -36] Geum Bi ye~ Oh My Geum Bi ye~~~~

5. [+871, -30] The teen version of Geum Bi is Yoo Sena from 'Tomorrow's King of Experiment'

6. [+229, -6] I live with my sick son and I feel so exhausted lately.. Thank you for reminding how precious life is.. Thank you

7. [+189, -2] I laughed and cry watching Geum Bi~ Jung Eun, Hwi Chul appa, Kang Hee omma, Chi Soo ahjusshi, the real mom, the medical, you all warmed my heart the past two months ~

1. [+496, -4] That's right~♡ I'm glad it's an ending that gives viewers hope. Dramas have aliens or mermaids, there's no reason why Geum Bi can't have a happy ending through treatments

2. [+358, -2] She's amazing at acting... You did well Geum Bi-ya

3. [+299, -9] Our Geum Bi~ It's nice to see you again~!

4. [+85, -2] I was so nervous, I though she's gonna die. I'm so happy it ended. Let's hope all the sick children will become healthy again

5. [+66, 0] The ending is heartwarming

6. [+78, 0] Makjang writers, watch and learn from this drama~~

7. [+64, -1] Thank you Geum Bi-yaㅜㅜ

8. [+61, -1] Ah... I bawled my eyes out


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