#1321 Celebrities who used to be slimmer than they are now

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Originally posted on:  09/26/2016

1. Moon Hee Jun in 2002

2. Koyote's Shinji in 1999

3. NRG's Noh Yoo Min in 1997

4. Gagman Kim Joon Hyun when he was a student 

5. Jeon Hyun Moo in his rookie days 

6. Ahn Jae Hong in college

7. Yoo Jae Hwan when he was a student

Daum Cafe: Celebrities who used to be slimmer than they are now 

-Jae Hwan-ssi used to be so hot

-Shinji is slimmer currently

-Noh Yoo Min's visuals were no joke during his peak

-Jeon Myun Mooㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Wow, what happened to Yoo Jae Hwan...

-Younger Yoo Jae Hwan looks like my type of guy

-Jeon Hyun Moo was so handsome


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