#1323 Jung Joon Young to take time off 1N' for self-reflection

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Originally posted on: 09/29/2016 

Sports Chosun - Naver: '1N2D' and Jung Joon Young, both sides are handling matters wisely...became a precedent

1. [+4,863, -176] Seeing stuff like this makes me realize how amazing Kim Jong Min is....

2. [+4,556, -151] Infinity Challenge and 1N2D's Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Min, the longest-running members but they managed to stay scandal-free

3. [+2,538, -139] To 1N's perspective, it's the wisest decision.. a new option will open once the investigation results are out. They're are handling this crisis very well so for now let's wait. I hope this case serves as a lesson to trash reporters

4. [+1,580, -49] There's so much things going on this year

5. [+1,343, -203] Makes me realize the importance of managing your image

6. [+212, -28] I wonder how many have been victimized by trash reporters all this time? I guess there a lot of celebrities who suffered injustice like Choi Jin Shil and ended up making the wrong choice. It's a good decision to have a cooling-off period in order to make rational judgements. Trash reporters, stop fanning the flames and wait for the results first...

7. [+220, -34] That's a reasonable decision. It won't be late to make another decision when the results are out..

8. [+161, -21] Can they create a law forbidding reporters to write false information? Because right now, they're the ones that deserve punishment

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