#1327 GOT7's Jinyoung cast in LOTBS as Lee Min Ho's teenage version

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Originally posted on: 09/30/2016

Sports World - Naver: [Exclusive] GOT7's Jinyoung cast in 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' 

1. [+1,309, -47] Wow daebak... Watch 'My Love Eundong' if you're curious about his acting

2. [+992, -22] Among idols, you can rely on his acting!! I'm trusting on Jinyoung. Fighting!!

3. [+937, -34] He is Junior? He was pretty good in Eundong. Can't wait~

4. [+808, -38] Hul daebak. Jinyoung-ah fighting!!

5. [+697, -28] He's really good at acting. Fighting!!

6. [+204, -8] He's the one from Eundong, right? His acting was so good, I thought he was a rookie actor

7. [+192, -5] He was Joo Jin Mo's younger version in Eundong

8. [+182, -7] He will play Lee Min Ho's younger version, he acted as a younger version in Eundong too

9. [+177, -8] Well, he started off as an actor

10. [+142, -6] He's already proven that his acting is good so no need to worry

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