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Originally posted on:10/09/2016

Star News - Naver: Jo Jin Woong and Lee Seo Jin win tvN10 Awards Daesang...'Reply' sweeps awards

1. [+9,843, -164] I liked how it started like a festival but seeing who were winning, it's disappointing that they were giving awards to recently-aired shows. The reason why recent dramas have high ratings is because of earlier dramas like I Need Romance, Queen Inhyun's Man, Nine, Reply 1997, Let's Eat, Gap Dong, Marriage not Dating and Misaeng which were highly recognized and propelled tvN's popularity.  Another disappointing point is that they didn't show clips of the variety nominees, they got buried overall

2. [+7,568, -122] I started watching tvN dramas because of Misaeng.. A shame that it didn't win as many awards as I thought it would

3. [+7,408, -138] No award for Im Siwan ㅜㅜ He should've won something for Miseang

4. [+5,878, -131] What about Jang Geu Rae!!!? Misaeng!!!

5. [+4,345, -370] Jo Jin Woong and Lee Seo Jin deserve the Daesang

6. [+2,146, -67] What a shame that Jang Geu Rae won nothing. Misaeng is under-appreciated

7. [+1,942, -33] The true winners of Daesangs for me are Na Young Seok and Shin Won Ho

8. [+1,966, -61] Sad that Im Siwan didn't win ㅋㅋ


1. [+1,053, -18] It's so nice that they didn't have joint awards. Meanwhile, Hye Soo unni's body looked impressive when she received her award

2. [+924, -16] So cool to see Kim Hye Sun having fun. Jo Jin Woong finally won. Congrats ~~♥

3. [+878, -30] The awardees deserve it ㅎㅎ

4. [+124, -16] It might haved looked fair but not to me. The winners deserved it but was it necessary to give Seo Hyun Jin 2 awards? I don't get why OMG's Park Bo Young and Misaeng's Im Siwan were neglected. Reply has 3 series, why did 1988 get most of the awards? What about Go Ara and Jung Woo?

5. [+105, -9] Misaeng was the best. Why didn't Im Siwan win an award? I'm a bit taken aback

Xports News - Naver: 'Reply 1997', Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji, ranked #1 for Best Kiss...#2 is Eric/Seo Hyun Jin

1. [+8,009, -101] It's nice that R97's getting so much love, it's the drama that pushed tvN to fame after all

2. [+5,507, -60] Wow. tvN kiss scenes are legendary..

3. [+5,564, -81] So happy Reply 1997 won awards!! Reply series is nothing without Reply 1997

4. [+4,284, -77] The best award ceremony.. daebak

Xports News - Naver: 'Oh Hae Young Again, Seo Hyun Jin♥ Eric, crowned Rom Com king and queen

1. [+674, -33] I personally wanted Jung Yumi to win Rom Com Queen but I'm happy for Seo Hyun Jin too. Congrats

2. [+624, -29] Joo Yeol Mae comes to mind first when someone mentions tvN rom coms. But the award went to Oh Hae Young given that it's recent and the ratings were high

3. [+552, -30] I Need Romance 2 was amazing ㅜㅜ

4. [+70, -10] Honestly, Lee Jin Wook and Jung Yumi should've won. INR2 is the most famous tvN rom com, that's a shame ㅋㅋㅋ

Osen - Naver: "Deoksun-ah, you're pretty"... stars' words at the award ceremony 

1. [+1,093, -22] Wow, tvN is jjang. Lee Moon Sae was daebak. The whole vibe, planning and structure, etc were amazing. Made me smile all throughout

2. [+1,020, -22] They mentioned Hangul Day and did video calls, it's really the best award ceremony.. Please do one every 2 yearsㅠㅠ  I'm sure the public channels will copy you ㅋㅋ

3. [+841, -14] A true award ceremony

4. [+713, -13] There's no other award ceremony as fun as this

5. [+628, -12] Loved it ❤

6. [+207, -8] I liked it when Taek calls Deoksun "pretty" in the drama and I'm so happy to hear it again although it's on an awards ceremony. Park Bogum has good sense!

7. [+164, -11] Such a fun ceremony!! Sad that Park Bogum wasn't there but the video call was daebak ㅋㅋ

•Daesang (Drama) - Jo Jin Woong
•Daesang (Variety) - Lee Seo Jin
•Best Actor - Lee Sung Min
•Best Actress - Kim Hye Soo
•Best MC - Shin Dong Yeop
•Variety Icon - Flower Grandpas (Lee Soon Jae, Shin Goo, Park Geun Hyung, Baek Il Sub)
•Rom Com King - Moon Jung Hyuk
•Rom Com Queen - Seo Hyun Jin
•Special Popularity Award - Sung Dong Il
•PD's Choice - Lee Je Hoon, Jung Sang Hoon
•Best Comedian - Yang Se Hyung
•Best Comedienne - Ahn Young Mi
•tvN Asia Award - Park Bogum
•Two Star Award - Jo Jung Seok
•Perfect Attendance Award (Variety) - 'Taxi' Lee Young Ja
•Perfect Attendance Award (Drama) - 'Rude Miss Young Ae' Kim Hyun Sook
•Best Kiss - 'Reply 1997' Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji
•Scene Stealer (Male) - 'Reply 1988' Kim Sung Gyun
•Scene Stealer (Female) - 'Reply 1988' Ra Mi Ran
•Slave Award - 'SNL' Kwon Hyuk Soo, 'SNL' and 'Comedy Big League' Lee Se Young
•Contents Main Prize (Variety) - Three Meals A Day, Over Flowers Series, New Journey to the West, SNL Korea, Roller Coaster, Comedy Big League, Martian Virus, Problematic Men, The Genius, Home Cook Master Baek
•made in tvN (Drama - Female) - 'Oh Hae Young Again' Seo Hyun Jin
•made in tvN (Drama -Male) - 'Reply 1997' Seo In Guk
•made in tvN (Variety - Female) - 'SNL' Kim Seul Gi
•made in tvN (Variety -Male) - 'Three Meals a Day', Son Ho Joon
•Contents Main Prize (Drama) - Misaeng, Dear My Friends, Rude Miss Young Ae, Nine, Oh Hae Young Again, Signal, Oh My Ghostess, Reply Series

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