#1447 Most pitiful drama characters

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Originally posted on:10/10/2016
Male characters

1. Chilbong (Reply 1988)

2. Choi Yong Do (Heirs)

3. Cha Do Hyun and Shin Segi  (Kill Me Heal Me)

4. Kang Maru (The Innocent Man)

5. Park Soo Ha (I Hear Your Voice)

6. Eun Shi Kyung (The King 2 Hearts)

7. Lee Soo Hyun (Time Between Dog and Wolf)

8. Bidam (Queen Seondeok)

Female characters

1. Cha Song Joo (Capital Scandal)

2. Shin Se Kyung (High Kick Through The Roof)

3. Song Eun Jo (Cinderella's Sister)

4. Lee Soo Jung  (What Happened in Bali)

5. Kang Yoo Jung (Secret)

6. Lee Seo Young (My Daughter Seo Young)

7. No Eul (Uncontrollably Fond)

Daum Cafe: Most pitiful drama characters 


-You forgot Junghwan.. He gave his dream to his brother, his love to his friend, his youth to the country..

-Kwon Yool in Let's Eat 2

-W's Kang Chul

-Chilbong and Junghwan, for real

-I cried in all of Hwang Jung Eum's crying scene in Secret ㅠㅠㅠ


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