#1453 If the next 'Reply' is set in the 70s

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Originally posted on: 10/13/2017

Dramas and movies set in the 70s

Gangnam Blues (movie)

Fashion 70s (drama)

Giant (drama)

Lights and Shadows (drama)

Sung Dong Il in drama 'Eun Shil' which was set in the 60s but this is how he would probably look like if Reply takes place in the 70sㅋㅋㅋ

Filming sets of shows set in the 1970s

What Seoul actually looked like in the 70s

Banpo-dong (1970)

Nonhyun-dong (1972)

Yeouido (1973)

Apgujeong (1976)

Seocho-dong (1978)

An intersection in Gangnam Station (1979)

Gangnam Bus Terminal (1978)

Daum Cafe: People are saying the next Reply will be set in 1974. How Seoul looked like in the 70s

-Feels like one of those cheap morning dramas from KBS


-It's too far in the past. The younger generation won't be able to relate

-Let's stick to the early 2000s

-I like it.. Who cares if you can't relate. People made a fuss about Hyeri not being alive in 1988 but she managed to win the viewers' hearts in the end

-That decade looks depressing somehow...

-I can already imagine the props team having a hard time

-I actually like it. I don't watch Reply to relate anyway, I watch it for fun.. If it's in the 70s, I get to see my how it was like when my parents were in their teens

-Please pick 2002ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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