#1532 Photos of IU practicing for her solo concert revealed

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Originally posted on: 11/26/2016

news 1 - Naver: IU, photos of her practicing for solo concert revealed 'excitement UP'

1. [+2,374, -441] To be honest, no solo idol in Korea has achieved as much success as IU

2. [+1,371, -284] The last day of the concert marks the 3000th day since she debuted. Time flies

3. [+921, -207] She debuted when she was in middle school, she was so young and now she's nearing her 3000th day since debut! She's worked hard all these years

4. [+1,430, -386] IU is jjang at singing

5. [+1,235, -385] No matter what they say, IU always works hard. I support and love you ❤️

6. [+116, -22] IU's vocal color is sweet, soulful and warm. I heard 'The Shower' by chance and I really love it. How could such voice, musicality and charisma come out of that small frame of hers~ Pretty!! She has lots of fans in their 20s and 30s, she's gained lots of female fans too. Her voice melts my heart~ I hope she releases more songs similar to 'The Shower'. She's good with pop songs but when she sings with her guitar, it's pure art. She plays the guitar so well, Ham Jun Ho would be surprised~ Looks like concert prep is in full swing. IU fighting!! Hope she sings some holiday songs too

7. [+126, -28] She sings really well and she's pretty

8. [+86, -16] Supporting IU. Cheer up always

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