#339 Kim Joo Hyuk in R88 + Who is the husband?

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Ilgan Sports - Naver: Kim Joo Hyuk's reps, Will he continue playing the 'husband role' in 'Reply 1988'? "We're looking forward to it"

1. [+5,923, -78] Heol. I wish he returns ㅋㅋㅋ He's a fun character

2. [+4,499, -80] I'm cheering you on Kim Joo Hyuk-ssi!

3. [+3,922, -359] Kim Joo Hyuk (KJH) = Kim Jung Hwan (KJH)

4. [+2,697, -57] I was surprised that he made an appearance~ Kim Joo Hyuk hwaiting!

5. [+596, -15] Before it aired, I thought Go Kyung Pyo would be the main lead while Park Bo Gum's the secondary lead when in fact Ryu Joon Yeol's character stands out more than the two. He's not super handsome but he's charming and the role suits him perfectly. And he's not a comic character like I thought he would be! The parents too are good at acting

6. [+547, -21] This oppa is cool. He is Jung Hwan for sure. The tiny smile he had on when Deok Sun appeared on tv as the picket girl was adorable ㅋㅋ Putting my bet on Jung Hwan as the husband

7. [+516, -14]  Lee Mi Yeon and Kim Joo Hyuk are raising the level of this drama

8. [+353, -17] I'm pretty sure Jung Hwan is the husband

9. [+342, -22] Ryu Joon Yeol's the husband

10. [+191, -2] Kim Joo Hyuk and Lee Mi Yeon were 18 in 1988

11. [+206, -21] Please recast him...Sun Woo's a strong contender although Jung Hwan matches Kim Joo Hyuk personality-wise... But the husband is Park Bo Geum

12. [+105, -9] Kim Jung Hwan = Jung Woo/Trash, Go Kyung Pyo=Chilbong, Taek=Binggrae

13. [+79, -1] I hope Kim Joo Hyuk gets married in real life too~~


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