#439 Underrated middle-aged actors

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Originally posted on:  12/14/15

Ma Dong Seok
 Choi Byung Moo
 Yoon Je Moon
 Bae Sung Woo
 Joo Jin Woong
 Kwak Do Won
Kim Hee Won

Today Humor: Underrated movie actors

-My Dong Seok♥

-Disappointed that you didn't include him

-These are all actors I really like!!

-The cutest is Ma Dong Seok hyungnim

-Somebody please put up a photo of Park Hae Il!!!!

-Here to promote Park Hee Sun ahjusshi ㅠㅠ



-Christian Bale

-Promoting a Japanese ahjusshi. My love Kimura Takuya~~~

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