#616 Tzuyu shows off her aegyo in new selca

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Originally posted on:  02/06/16

Dispatch - Naver: "Heart attack from cuteness"... Tzuyu shows off her aegyo 

1. [+2,851, -258] A case of misfortune turned into fortune. Because of that Taiwanese flag incident, she gained more fans in Korea. Cheering you on ^^

2. [+1,997, -231] Tzuyu's so pretty

3. [+1,514, -191] Pretty Tzuyu ♥

4. [+1,268, -171] Ah pretty ~♡~♡~

5. [+1,360, -244] An earthquake just struck her homeland but why is this journalist posting an article with no proper content just for the sake of making her into a target? Did China pay you to post this?....

6. [+612, -69] She posted the photo on the 5th but what's the reason of putting this up on the front page? To get Tzuyu more hate?

7. [+398, -45] C'mon journalists, Taiwan's been struck by an earthquake, why are you posting this kind of article? Are you purposely trying to stir more hate for Tzuyu? But she's so pretty

8. [+263, -40] Find strength Tzuyu!! Hwaiting

9. [+207, -33] Journalist, are you an anti? Get a grasp of the situation~~ Tzuyu's pretty nonetheless ♡♡♡♡

10. [+201, -38] Pretty.. Her personality is gentle and cute

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