#769 Kim Woo Bin and Shin Minah spotted on a date, brushing off break up rumors

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Originally posted on:  04/26/16

Sports World - Naver: [Exclusive] Kim Woo Bin♥ Shin Minah spotted on a date....brushing off break up rumors

1. [+4,810, -140] Just watch over them well. Whether their relationship is going strong or if they ever break up, they'll let us know. Stop making a fuss reporters..

2. [+4,135, -242] Minah likes dinosaur-looking men

3. [+1,920, -92] They're dating just fine, enough with the fuss!!!

4. [+1,753, -93] They go on pretty dates like normal people. It's nice to see but reporters need to leave them alone

5. [+1,353, -162] They match well!!

6. [+198, -19] Shin Minah's taste in men is consistent ㅋㅋ

7. [+107, -7] Shin Minah's ideal type is a tyrannosaurus

8. [+115, -12] They're dating, let's just leave it at that. People who keep doubting their relationship are scary

9. [+101, -8] She seems to have a preference for younger and dinosaur-looking guys. I like how she's consistent

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