#939 Kindest company presidents

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Originally posted on:  07/18/16

1. Kang Ho Dong (owns a restaurant franchise)
2. Park Jin Young (JYP Ent founder)
3. Kim Heung Gook (chairman of Korea Singers Association)
4. Seo Jang Hoon (owns several buildings)
5. Jang Su Won (fusion restaurant owner)
6. Park Myung Soo (used to operate a chicken store)
7. Im Chang Jung (president of a fusion restaurant franchise)
8. Park Jae Bum (co-CEO of AOMG)

Osen - Naver: 'Revealing List of Names' From Kang Ho Dong to Park Jin Young.. "Our president is an angel"

1. [+2,705, -213] Kang Ho Dong is really genuine, do well!!!

2. [+2,513, -169] Park Jin Young gets a lot of criticisms but he's a good president to his company artists

3. [+1,603, -85] There is a reason why they're successful

4. [+1,665, -157] President JYP is an angel

5. [+1,451, -155] As expected of Kang Ho Dong..he's cool!!!

6. [+381, -62] Kang Ho Dong is warm-hearted.. He is a big man but he's actually down to earth and is never arrogant. I'm a longtime fan and just looking at him puts me in a happy mood ^^ hwaiting

Newsen - Nate: Park Myung Soo helped his part time workers pay their tuition

1. [+984, -21] People tend to bash Myung Soo he gives back as much as he earns. He's different from politician bastards

2. [+922 -20] Park Myung Soo is awesome

3. [+831 -29] He makes people laugh and quietly does good deeds. What a warm person, do well Park Myung Soo

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