#949 What PPL in dramas made you laugh?

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Originally posted on:  07/24/16

Cunning Single Lady 
Paprika (peppers) 

Innocent Man 
Chicken Maru (chicken)
(+ Song Joong Ki's name in the drama is Maru)

Jang Ok Jung 
Moguchun (meat processing company)

Shining Inheritance
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Naeil's Cantabile 
Dong Won Tuna

Today Humor: List of drama PPL that will make you laugh out loud 

1. [+77] Doctors' PPL for Ryeo shampoo and essence is ridiculous ㅋㅋㅋㅋApplies shampoo just at the ends of the hair and essence at the top

2. [+132] "Don't you know how serious the yellow dust is lately. Think of my sensitive skin"

3. [+82] The best is Yook Sungjae's one wheel scooterㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+46] 'Muguchon' looks natural actually. The font and the sound of the name are very sageuk-like. That's a successful PPL

5. [+45] Can't leave out Jikbang in a post like this!

6. [+43]

-The tv is really big
-I know

-It's the 42 inches Samsung SMT-4032

The price, color and resolution are perfect, don't you think?

7. [+3] Descendant of the Sun's final episode was like watching 'King of Ratings'

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