#953 Kang Haneul and Hyeri offered lead roles in drama 'Picnic'

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Originally posted on:  07/25/16

Ilgan Sports - Naver: [Exclusive] Kang Haneul and Hyeri in talks as leads for MBC 'Picnic' (formerly 'Gaia')

1. [+3,816, -488] Another lead role for Hyeri? Entertainers flopped, didn't it?...

2. [+2,540, -121] The plot sounds immature, seems like it will fail. And did Hyeri decide to stay as actress now?

3. [+2,278, -105] Produced by SM... I like Kang Ha Neul but I have a feeling this will fail

4. [+1,736, -98] Why do I feel like they'll stick SHINee's Minho in this...

5. [+996, -49] Why is Hyeri only doing dramas lately? Nothing bad about it but it wouldn't hurt to take a break between projects. Viewers won't feel anything unique about her anymore if she keeps being in dramas

6. [+612, -113] Hyeri's not really a lead role material for a public channel drama. She just managed to turn her life around with  'Reply'

7. [+303, -14] The story's only good as a fanfic or webtoon

8. [+267, -14] The story is web drama-level. Is MBC stupid to put this out?

9. [+398, -58] Why would Kang Haneul choose this?

10. [+497, -104] Honestly, her acting is still awkward. Please get some practice... you're not ready for a lead role yet

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