#967 23-year mother who's concerned about her young looks

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Originally posted on:  08/02/16

Asia Kyungje - Nate: 'Hello Counselor', 23-year old baby-faced mother "Even high schoolers look down on me"

"No one believes that I'm 23. I am a mother of a 10-month old. When I pass by on the streets, high schoolers look down on me, they think I'm in middle school. When I tell them I'm 23, they would jokingly say 'If you're 23, then I'm 43'"

She runs into difficulties in part time jobs. When she worked at a bar, she got scolded by customers and asked "why is a minor working at a bar?". Even when she got a call center job where she didn't have to show her face at all,  people told her "why would a kid work in sales call", she got fired because of her voice.

She worries that people would mistook her for either a stepmom or an older sister once her child is in elementary.

1. [+1,206, -29] But she's actually young. She already has a kid at 23..

2. [+856, -15] A baby had a baby ㅋ I hope the broadcast helped cleared those misunderstandings..

3. [+644, -17] It's always the unwell ones who go on this show. Finally someone who's normal after a long time

4. [+99, -12] She doesn't wear makeup and that hairstyle does nothing but make her look more younger~ Try changing your style up and wear some makeup and  that way you will look like your age~

5. [+94, -7] I suggest dyeing your hair brown and getting rid of the bangs. You will look like in your 20s for sure

6. [+65, -12] You keep complaining but not making any effort. Yes, people were wrong to look down and say rude things at you but shouldn't you at least do something? To be honest, you don't look super young, more like a student who's in her early 20s. You're a bit short and wear kids clothing. Plus, you have that hairstyle, you don't dye your hair and don't wear makeup. You go out looking shabby and but you complain...
┗Try raising your own kid first
┗New moms don't have time for stuff like that. I wonder if you can say this if you have a kid

7. [+55, -4] She looks 23 to me.. Did she purposely make herself look young with that childish hairstyle?.. You can make yourself appear more mature through clothing and makeup


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