#973 Celebrities with famous nicknames

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Originally posted on:  08/04/2016

Kang Dong Won - tuna (tn: because the name of company
that makes the canned tuna above is Dong Won) 

Ma Dong Seok - Mappeunie (Ma + yeppeunie/pretty), Mayomi (Ma + gwiyomi), 
Mavely (Ma + lovely)

Hyuna - Pae wang

Taeyeon - Taengoo

Kim Tae Hee - Taeppeu (tn: Tae Hee + ippeuda/pretty) 

Yoo Jae Suk - Yoo God

Eun Ji Won - Eun Choding (tn: Eun Elementary school kid) 

Oh Dal Soo - fairy of ten millions ( tn: because his films manage to attract 10 million spectators)

So Ji Sub - So Ganji (tn: literally 'so cool') 

Hwang Jung Eum - MidBoHwang (tn: short for 'you can trust Hwang Jung Eum's dramas' 

Daum Cafe: Celebrities with famous nicknames 

-I've never heard Hyuna's nickname before

-Can't believe there's no Gongvely

-Pae wang? You mean 'Pae wang saek' (tn: overwhelming sexiness)

-I've heard Hwang Jung Eum being called like that but it's not that well-known enough to be her nickname

-Ma Dong Seok is really the cutest!!

-I expected Sohee ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Mandoo Sohee

-Hyuna's nickname isn't pae wang but pae wang saek

-I don't agree with Hyuna and Hwang Jung Eum's nicknames

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