#978Actors/Actresses from JYP, YG and SM C&C

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Originally posted on:  08/09/2016 

JYP Entertainment

(L to R) Kim Tae Hoon --  Min Hyo Rin -- Choi Woo Shik -- Yoon Park

Song Ha Yoon --  Kim Ye Won -- Kim Jong Moon --  Kim Ji Min -- Park Joo Hyung

Nam Sung Joon -- Kang Yoon Jae

Wi Dae Hoon -- Jang Hee Ryung -- Shin Eun Soo -- Ryu Won -- Lee Ki Hyuk

YG Entertainment


Yoon So Hee -- Jang Dong Gun -- Song Jae Rim -- Kang Ye Won

Jung So Min -- Kim Soo Ro -- Lee Chae Won -- Moon Ga Young

Kim Shi Hoo -- Jo Min Sung

Daum Cafe: Current lineup of actors/actresses at JYP, YG and SM C&C

-YG is my type

-Lee Jong Suk is now in YG? I didn't know

-Kim Ha Neul is from SM C&C too!

-I like JYP actors

-I'd believe it if you said YG was an agency of actors

-Whether it's singers or actors, YG is a win

-Look at So Wonnie in YG.. so cuteㅋㅋ

-So many models at YG

-SM and YG tend to sign up big stars, while JYP takes rookies and raise them, I really like that

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