#984 Male celebrities who were former athletes

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Originally posted on:  08/11/2016

Madtown's Jota - Judo

GOT7's Jackson - Fencing

Seo Ji Seok - Track and field 

Yoon Hyun Min - Baseball

Jo Han Seon - Soccer

Song Joong Ki - Short track speed skating

So Ji Sub - Swimming

Sports Kyunghyang - Naver: From Judo athlete Judo to short track speed skater Song Joong Ki.. which celebrities were former athletes? 

1. [+5,695, -139] Wow, on top of being a former athlete, Song Joong Ki majored in business administration at Sungkyunkwan University.. He's got it all

2. [+3,102, -86] As expected of So Ganji...

3. [+2,140, -79] They were destined for success. They're all likeable and good-looking even as athletes

4. [+1,241, -193] Out of the people on this list, I'm proud of Jota the most~~~♡ Jota, you're the best. Madtown, fighting

5. [+280, -23] Jackson is kind of surprising ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋNo wonder his family was against of him pursuing an idol career

6. [+239, -24] In order to become a trainee at JYP, Jackson won first place at Asian Junior Championship just to persuade his dad and have his support. That's really amazing. He even got offers from Stanford. He is admirable for someone so young

7. [+231, -26] Jackson was a former national fencer. He won 1st place at the Asian Junior and ranked 11th worldwide in the youth division. If he continued with that path, he could've been competing in Rio right now. But thank you for debuting as an idol!

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