Chaeyoung's short hairstyle for Twice's Knock Knock stage on Inkigayo

"A hairstyle that she wants.. styling that's so that pearl choker like the one my mom has and that makeup, it's overall a mess.."

"I can't forget Chaeyoung in Sixteen"

theqoo: This promo will become a trauma for Twice's Chaeyoung 

-The hairstyle looks alright in the video though. Here are some photos:

-Doesn't look weird because she's pretty

-It would look way better without the bangs ㅠ

-Bring back this hairstyle from Sixteen

-Never mind the hair, can we talk about the outfit

-She wanted that hairstyle herself? ㅠㅠ She looks prettier with long hair

-No need to call it traumatizing.. It just so happens that the hairstyle doesn't suit her


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