'Cheese in the Trap' movie cast at their first meeting

 Sports Chosun via Naver: From Park Hae Jin to Sandara...'Cheese in the Trap' the movie, first meeting 

1. [+2,244, -190] Oh finally it has begun. From Yoo Jung sunbae to Hong Seol, cheering for everyone~~~

2. [+1,486, -171] I have a good feeling about this~I think the movie version will be a hit^^

3. [+1,192, -145] It's nice to see a friendly atmosphere from the cast. Have a fun time filming. CITT movie, fighting

4. [+1,004, -137] Anticipating

5. [+945, -138] Looking forward to seeing Yoo Jung sunbae again~~!! Hit daebak^^

6. [+223, -35] Can't wait to see a perfect CITT this time

7. [+219, -36] The chemistry looks great seeing them get together like this

theqoo: Oh Yeon Seo's Hong Seol hair 

-She looks so pretty

-I'm suddenly excited for the movie

-Exactly the Hong Seol I imaginedㅠㅠ

-100% in sync

-I wished she was cast in the drama version in the first place

-She really is the perfect match as Hong Seol


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