Seo In Guk quietly enlists in the army

Osen via Naver: Seo In Guk enlists in active service today.. "Quietly without events" 
More photos here 

1. [+8,303, -123] I'm sure Seo In Guk will serve well in the army. I can't wait for him to come back and see him spend the rest of his career doing good projects. Stay healthy. Now and in the future, we'll keep an eye on you affectionately

2. [+7,058, -73] He's really enlisting quietly. Good luck

3. [+4,618, -63] Have a safe service!!

4. [+2,300, -70] He's going to the same place Rain was.. Good luck

5. [+952, -23] Active service.. While others put out a fancy show when they're only going to public service... You're cool

6. [+788, -18] Yeah, it's cool how he doesn't try to be all showy but just goes and fulfills his obligations like every man out there

7. [+745, -22] This is the normal way of enlisting. Good luck. 21 months will fly by

8. [+690, -18] He's one of the few cool ones ㅠㅠWay to go Seo In Guk


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