Seo In Guk sent home from military service early due to osteochondral lesion

Sports Dong A via Naver: Seo In Guk's reps "To return home due to osteochondral lesion... scheduled for re-examination"

osteochondral lesion:  injury to the bone of the ankle joint

1. [+8,719, -518] When I was discharged from active duty, I got into an accident where I injured my left ankle and it developed into osteochondral lesion. I was in so much pain. I had to get surgery to repair the damaged joint but I have not recovered 100% so I walk with a limp on my leg. The doctor said this could get you exempted from enlistment.. I'm a fan of Seo In Guk-ssi and I hope gets surgery for it

2. [+4,635, -185] Hul... Get well soon

3. [+3,325, -149] I hope he's not in so much painㅠㅠ

4. [+3,287, -229] Wishing you a fast recovery so you can fulfill your duty in good health

5. [+2,641, -125] Oh no... I hope he's not very sick

6. [+1,108, -40] There were celebrities who lied about having sickness to evade service and the ones who are actually sick get doubted at so they have no option but to enlist in active duty .. Because of those bastards, people like Seo In Guk become victims..

7. [+775, -43] His ankles weren't always in the best condition, I once saw a footage of him limping. I thought he'd get better after consistently getting treatments, I'm worried for him

8. [+630, -20] I feel bad for celebrities who get criticized over the stuff like because of other celebrities who lied in the past


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