My Ear's Candy cancels Park Min Young and Lee Jun Ki's special episode following his confirmed relationship with Jeon Hye Bin

news 1 via Naver: My Ear's Candy to cancel Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young's special broadcast 

1. [+982, -10] Yeah, it's not a good idea to air it..

2. [+931, -7] tvN must be pissed off

3. [+981, -7] The production even spent money to shoot overseas

4. [+762, -5] Why am I embarrassed to admit that my heart fluttered

5. [+750, -30] What does that make of Park Min Young? I didn't imagine Lee Jun Ki to be like this, I'm disappointed

6. [+297, -5] I bet this hurt Park Min Young's pride... She was moved to tears by a man on national tv only to find out later on that he has a girlfriend ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+252, -3] Park Min Young was so touched to the point of tears  but get backstabbed like this...

Ilgan Sports via Naver: Lee Jun Ki ♥Jeon Hye Bin's relationship and controversy over sincerity on variety show 

1. [+14,282, -494] People who are in a relationship should refrain from going on programs like this

2. [+13,190, -378] It's just a show so you can't expect them to be totally genuine but Lee Jun Ki went a bit too far.. He went on Candy and acted romantically although he's already in a relationship.. He's always left a good impression on me and this is a shame

3. [+10,438, -373] He shouldn't have gone on My Ear's Candy.. He misled the viewers

4. [+8,401, -314] I get that it's only a show but the whole thing just seems like he was filming We Got Married while dating someone else

5. [+8,075, -261] I don't expect them to date or anything, but he should've been more honest about it

6. [+2,417, -40] I mean who doesn't know that it's all a show. There are celebrities who appeared there and made it clear that they're just friends but for Lee Jun Ki's case, he acted all flirty, like he wants to be in a 'some' with her

7. [+2,326, -69] Of all the people who appeared in My Ear's Candy, Lee Jun Ki looked like he was filming WGM ㅋ He was being flirty with Park Min Young. Makes me wonder if he used Candy to get rom com offers


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