[Spoilers] SWDBS Ep 13

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 13

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Herald Pop via Naver: 'Do Bong Soon' Park Bo Young falls into Jang Mi Gwan's trap, is this how she loses her strength? 

1. [+1,940, -33] Please catch the criminal tomorrow so that we don't get to see him anymore next week .. Enough of Kwon Hyuk Soo too..

2. [+1,728, -51] Today's so draggy.  All I want for the  last 3 episodes is for Bong Soon and Min Hyuk to have more lovey dovey moments!!!

3. [+1,700, -49] The PPL, the monk and those students ruined the flow. I'm watching for Park Bo Young but there's too many random scenes

4. [+1,461, -36] I knew Min Hyuk would rescue her ㅜㅜㅜ Park Hyung Shik's voice in the end is so good

5. [+1,414, -39] I didn't expect she'd lose her strength..

6. [+479, -12] Why does the monk keep on appearing? Too many meaningless scenes, it's annoying. I'm sticking around for mongmong couple

7. [+437, -12] Did they get a new writer? Those gangsters and monk broke the flow for me. The plot is losing steam as it goes on

8. [+368, -8] Writer, you gotta reflect

9. [+359, -8] Wait, so how did they get out of the flames?

10. [+334, -2] Losing her strength if she hurts an innocent person, this seems contrived. It should only fade if she hurts someone that she knows is innocent. Would've been refreshing if she didn't lose her power in that scene to make the criminal panic. The writer is too dense

11. [+321, -10] Get the gangsters and students out of the plot

12. [+305, -4] Before I thought there's a reason for the gangsters and students' screen time but now, they serve no purpose at all


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