[Spoilers] My Sassy Girl

Mydaily via Naver: 'Sassy Girl' Joo Won♥ Oh Yeon Seo, sassy first encounter 

1. [+1,138, -77] How could they screw it up.. The drama is so bizarre, my mouth hang open the entire time. I have nothing else to say

2. [+1,020, -60] Too disorganized for a first episode

3. [+877, -76] Don't tell me... this will be worse than Saimdang

4. [+715, -63] It got boring starting from the part where Joo Won goes to Joseon. So chaotic, I lost focus

5. [+568, -36] Joo Won's better suited in serious dramas, not in childish comic dramas like this and Cantabile

6. [+394, -14] Sounds like a pretty bad drama just by reading the comments

7. [+340, -14] Seems like everyone feels the same way. There is too much going on, when you concentrate on one thing, the plot and pacing would go out the window..

8. [+341, -15] Too disorganized, it's hard to focus on the story. Oh Yeon Seo's puking scene was gross, I had to switch to another channel ㅠㅠ Now what do I watch for Mondays and Tuesdays?

9. [+320, -18] Never seen a fusion sageuk this erratic. I don't understand what's going on

Mydaily via Naver: Joo Won makes first appearance as brave philosopher Gyun Woo 'explosive popularity' 

1. [+631, -50] This is not fusion sageuk, but a total joke. There's nothing else to see

2. [+422, -42] Well, this is lame

3. [+330, -31] Not fun..

4. [+195, -12] The comments are hilarious ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Makes me wonder how terrible it actually is

5. [+183, -9] It's like... this drama is trying too hard to be funny... the ads made it even more boring

6. [+167, -8] Nothing can top off the original My Sassy Girl with Cha Tae Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun

7. [+157, -6] But in the original, Gyun Woo's just an ordinary guy. In this version, they made him someone extraordinary.. I can't connect


1. [+1,560, -49] Either use modern tone or sageuk tone, stick to one

2. [+1,398, -35] Why did they insist for this to be sageuk? Apart from the hanboks, it's nothing but a contemporary drama

3. [+1,514, -98] No one can replace Cha Tae Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun

4. [+1,133, -125] Why does Oh Yeon Seo feel so stiff here? It's no different from her acting in Come Back Mister

5. [+1,146, -178] Joo Won's acting is surprisingly bad

6. [+492, -32] This isn't right. Worst drama I've seen recently. Don't even bother exporting it

7. [+441, -27]  Should've just donated the money to charity instead of wasting it on a drama like this


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