Kim Sejung offered role in 'School 2017'

Ilgan Sports via Naver:[Exclusive] Kim Sejung met with 'School 2017' producers... first acting role 

If Sejung accepts the offer, she will be playing character Hong Nam Joo, who is obsessed with beauty to a degree that she is always on a diet. She spends most of her money from part-time jobs on trendy clothes, salons and makeup.

1. [+1,134, -126] She really is walking the flowery path

2. [+865, -117] Looking at her character's description, it doesn't sound like she'll be playing a big part. She's starting with a small role.. she has many talents. Fighting

3. [+625, -97] Sejung-ah fighting

4. [+647, -107] In high school, she was in an acting club and received awards for her acting.. She's gonna do well. Fighting

5. [+620, -121] Seems like she's good at acting. Fighting

6. [+244, -43]  She's talented at singing, acting and variety, no wonder she's landing so many offers. And she's up for a supporting role not lead, it's nice to see her steadily working her way up.. I'm sure she'll do great

7. [+229, -42] She did well in SNL skits and Sound of Your Heart. Congrats on your first drama!

8. [+233, -58] School series is all about discovering rookies. It's her first role in a drama, why are people being so fussy over her casting?


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