Lee Hyori's photoshoot for 'Marie Claire'

Sports Dong A via Naver: Unrivalled Lee Hyori, presence = sexy and beautiful 

1. [+3,131, -261] Always so cool. Cheering for you^^

2. [+2,404, -237] Elegant and sexy. Hyori is incomparable

3. [+1,855, -202] She's a wall ♥♥♥

4. [+1,425, -181] Pretty..

5. [+216, -20] These days, it's hard to figure out how old celebrities are.. not only celebrities but ordinary people too. They look younger than they really are.. Truly shows the importance of taking care of yourself

6. [+140, -13] What's with the weird poses while she's sitting or lying down?

7. [+96, -12] She looks good but I don't understand her pose in the bottom photo

8. [+165, -36] I don't get the concept of the bottom photo.... Doesn't the set up look cheap?

9. [+59, -4] The photos of her in white dress.. what is the photographer's intent?

10. [+47, -2] Rather than emphasis on sexiness, the photographer should've gone with a brighter, more natural concept. You have no idea how pretty Lee Hyori's eye smile is


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