Cast of 'Perfect Wife' attends script reading

Naver - Osen: Go So Young at the script reading of her comeback drama 'Perfect Wife'... perfect first start

1. [+2,369, -78] The title refers to Go So Young but the other actors themselves will save the drama

2. [+1,873, -60] Kim Jung Nan and In Gyo Jin will save the drama..they're the real leads

3. [+1,720, -98] Go So Young and Jo Yeo Jung have similar image.. but Jo Yeo Jung is a much better actress than the actual female lead

4. [+939, -41] Looking forward to In Gyo Jin^^

5. [+554, -23] Sung Joon instead of Lee Sang Yeob?

6. [+278, -6] Go So Young's playing a character who's faced with hardships.. I can't picture her as one at all

7. [+231, -3] Would viewers be able to relate to Go So Young as a struggling character?

8. [+199, -4] Go So Young and Jang Dong Gun own numerous expensive buildings but can't believe she's playing a character with hardships.. Have some shame

9. [+230, -15] She comes back after 10 years and automatically lands lead role... I'm just hoping her acting won't be a nuisance

10. [+212, -9] Kim Jung Nan is the lead


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