Controversy surrounding Dokkaebi's OST 'Round and Round'

Naver - YTN: Dokkaebi's OST embroiled in controversy for changing singers... CJ response "it's not true"

Article's basically about CJ E&M denies releasing a re-recorded version of one of the drama's OST 'Round and Round' for their own advantage. Han Soo Ji's original version, which is 50 seconds long, was used as the opening title track in the drama. Given the song's popularity, viewers requested for it to be released digitally. However, CJ released a new version that's 3.5 minutes long that includes Han Soo Ji's 50 seconds at the beginning of the song and CJ's artist Heize singing the rest of the song. Fans complained about the song being put out with Heize as the main singer and Han Soo Ji as a featuring

1. [+5,389, -64] In the album introduction, it says the 50-second original was arranged into a 3-minute song but this one claims there has always been a full version ㅋㅋㅋ Are you gonna let this nonsense continue?

2. [+4,120, -50] Aigoo. Just release the original version, I beg you

3. [+3,696, -76] It's not only this song that's the problem

4. [+3,386, -53] What do they mean it's not true.. They changed the lyrics and singers.. Give us the original

5. [+931, -24] "The song was composed in a way to have another artist to sing it". What nonsense is this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋIf they had no intention to release it for profit, what even is the point in finding another singer to sing it?ㅋㅋㅋㅋSince Han Soo Ji already recorded the first 50 seconds, why not let her sing the whole thing??

6. [+850, 23] How unfair for Han Soo Ji-ssi. Just because she's not a famous singer.. CJ keeps changing the lyrics ^^ I won't be surprised if they change these articles too

7. [+786, -3] Looks like CJ resorted to dumb tricks just for the money

Naver: Heize "Blameless over Dokkaebi's ost.. didn't know about the featuring announcement 

1. [+16,661, -1,017] Honestly, it's not Heize's fault

2. [+14,144, -823] Heize's not to blame.. But why did the original singer get demoted to featuring

3. [+13,390, -752] It's not Heize's fault. CJ used her but she's getting all the hate

4. [+9,546, -765] She must feel wronged ㅜ

5. [+8,207, -926] Heize has no fault in this.... Heize, I enjoy listening to your songs! Don't be too upset about it

6. [+1,922, -37] The moment Heize's voice was added, it didn't seem like an actual ost anymore plus her version was never played in the drama. CJ better release the original

Naver - Osen: CJ reps "Apologies for the OST controversy... thinking to release Han Soo Ji's version"

1. [+6,002, -60] Don't even bother thinking it over,  just release it

2. [+5,608, -55] Yeah. Apologize to Han Soo Ji-ssi and release the original

3. [+4,382, -67] They ruined a masterpiece. Seriously hopeless

4. [+3,313, -53] No need to think it over, just give it to us

5. [+791, -8] Why the need to contemplate whether to release it or not. Of course it should be released. Don't they know the meaning of Original Sound Track? Imagine paying money for a song but then you stop listening after 50 seconds

6. [ +729, -10] Should've released Han Soo Ji's version right from the start. CJ is shameless

7. [+674, -17] I'll stop complaining if you release Han Soo Ji's version and the original version of Beautiful!!


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