Lee Dong Gun's public relationships through the years

Kim Min Jung 
They broke up in 2004 after 1 year and 6 moths of relationship 

Han Ji Hye 
Dated after co-starring in 2004 KBS drama 'Sweet 18'. Broke up in 2007 after 4 years of dating 

Cha Ye Ryun 
Met through acquaintances and admitted their relationship around late 2008. They were on and off for a while but broke up when Lee Dong Gun enlisted in the army

They were revealed to be in a relationship after they met filming for joint Korean and Chinese film 'Encounter' in June 2015. However, they broke up in December 2016 after 2 years of dating due to busy schedules. 

Jo Yoon Hee 
They co-starred and played a couple in KBS weekend drama Laurel Tree Tailors and began dating near the end of the drama 

theqoo + daum: Lee Dong Gun's public relationships through the years 

-The type who dates his co-stars

-He dates tall women

-His taste is consistent. All the women on the list are tall and pretty

-I never knew he and Cha Ye Ryun dated

-I remember when he and Han Ji Hye dated, they had a lot of travel photos together. I really thought they were gonna get married ㅋㅋㅋ

-Wow, he went public with all

-He and Jo Yoon Hee were awkward in Happy Together. Can't believe they actually ended up dating

-This is why going public with relationship isn't always a good idea

-There must be something charming about him..


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