EXO Chen donates money to help young people who are interested in entrepreneurship

Naver - Sports Dong A: [Exclusive] EXO Chen donates to help young people interested in entrepreneurship... continuous good deeds

1. [+3,189, -45] Never hesitate to compliment people who do good deeds

2. [+2,564, -55] A face as handsome as a his heart!!!

3. [+2,517, -17] He truly lives up to his looks.. He sings well too. Fighting

4. [+2,363, -55] As expected from a Siheung native!! The pride of Siheung~

5. [+2,130, -63] Such a cool hyung.. I'm younger than him but he's far ahead of me when it comes to personality and good deed!!! Hyung~

6. [+353, -2] As expected of Chennie Chen~

7. [+339, -2] He's seriously Kim Dajung (tn:warm-hearated) ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ He's jjang for donating

8. [+331, -2] Even if you earn tons of money, it's not easy to donate. He's amazing!!

9. [+321, -3] What does he lack? His personality, skills and looks are too good ㅠㅠ

10. [+342, -9] I think he donates the most among idols. bb

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