'Introverted Boss' to revise scripts for episodes 5-8

Naver - tv Report: 'Introverted Boss' to revise episodes Ep 7-8 including episodes 5-6... discarded script

1. [+8,149, -210] At this rate, they'll get rid of the whole thing and write a new one.. Why not use this opportunity to decrease the female lead's scenes? Let's put Yeon Woo Jin to good use

2. [+6,958, -93] tvN sure is fast at feedbacks

3. [+5,484, -102] Yeon Woo Jin-ssi has a lot to put up with

4. [+4,754, -129] The drama would've watchable if the female lead's character wasn't such a nuisance ㅠㅠ Hope the script will be revised well

5. [+1,273, -140] Who thought it was a good idea to give Park Hye Soo the lead role at this stage of her career? It's not like they've verified if she's a good actress, I've not even heard anyone praising her acting.. Why give the lead role to an acting amateur?

6. [+1,056, -91] tvN suffered a flop with Entourage, hit the jackpot with Dokkaebi and almost screwed up again through Introverted Boss. It's like they're on a roller coaster

7. [+867, -71] Looks like the negative reactions had an impact ㅋㅋ It would've been big trouble if it was pre-produced

8. [+813, -29] The female lead's character is bizarre, it doesn't help that the actress doesn't fit the role.. there's hardly any chemistry between the two leads


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