Jung Joon Young to resume activities with the release of an album in February

Naver - Sports Dong A: Jung Joon Young to resume activities "To give my greetings through music first"

1. [+2,496, -313] Let's not forget that reporter

2. [+2,079, -407] I'm thankful that he's releasing an album. I'll wait until he returns to 1N2D too!!

3. [+1,446, -291] His vocal color is cool. I like his song 'Sympathy'

4. [+1,302, -278] This is great news. I'm supporting you

5. [+1,250, -285] I hope it's even more daebak than 'Sympathy'. Wishing you longevity in your career

6. [+304, -51] Jung Joon Young's manhwa http://m.blog.naver.com/jmj6376/220831529131

7. [+273, -15] Can't wait for February.. Can't wait for a concert.. Jung Joon Young fighting^^

8. [+195, -25] Daebak~~~~~ Welcome back. An album is greatly appreciated

9. [+318, -67] 'Sympathy' was released February last year, I still love listening to it today. I'm anticipating his new songs

10. [+203, -29] I hope your album hits daebak. Please return to 1N2D. Cheering for you

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