Lee Jun Ki in talks to star in Korean remake of 'Criminal Minds'

Naver - Osen: [Exclusive] Lee Jun Ki in talks to star in Korean remake of 'Criminal Minds'...will he become a profiler'

1. [+2,298, -78] Profiler sounds good... Already excited for it...

2. [+1,713, -81] As a fan of Criminal Minds, I look forward to this. I think Kim Sang Joong-ssi would   be great as one of the profilers

3. [+1,315, -89] Hul, the dignity of a global star. Supporting actor Lee Jun Ki♡ Love you ♡♡♡♡♡

4. [+1,091, -59] I'm looking forward to it. He will be so cool in this

5. [+896, -57] Daebak^^ Jun Ki nim ♡ Can't wait

6. [+238, -26] He suits the role, he looks sharp and intelligent but also has a warmness to him ^^

7. [+206, -17] I knew he's gonna be in a hot streak for a long time. Seeing him at the award ceremony, he proved that he's no ordinary person. He's the type that would be successful even if he wasn't a celebrity~~~ There's a reason for why successful people are successful

8. [+228, -25] Lee Jun Ki seems to fit the role. I was hoping for him to be in contemporary dramas this time around


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