Running Man's Kim Jong Kook reportedly convinced the members to keep the show going

 Naver - Ilgan Sports: 'Running Man' running once more, Kim Jong Kook convinced the members to continue 

1. [+11,097, -282] The members are such saints..

2. [+8,047, -318] Please never hurt the members again ㅠ Running Man fighting!!

3. [+7,595, -279] Producers, you better be thankful to the members...

4. [+6,343, -216] Since they've already decided to keep Running Man, why not revamp the format? RM, do well

5. [+5,935, -191] Looks like there's was something to learn from Family Outing flopping after replacing the original members

6. [+517, -36] People are criticizing the producers, yeah they messed up but they were likely pressured by the higher bosses... Kwangsoo seemed to have implied that during his award speech

7. [+464, -56] I wanna see RM bringing back those intense name tag battles

8. [+293, -22] Enough with inviting guests please. RM was at its most fun when they used to carry those bells and rip name tags


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