Seohyun to make her solo debut this month

Naver - Ilgan Sports: [Exclusive] Seohyun to comeback with first solo be released in January 

1. [+1,666, -131]All of Taetiseo's gone solo

2. [+1,435, -225] Seohyun's solo, it's gonna be unique. SNSD's are doing solo activities more and more. I went to see Seohyun in Mamma Mia and I didn't know she was good with musicals

3. [+1,228, -198] Seems like they're preparing it with great care. I can't guess what concept she'll go for. Can't wait can't wait

4. [+923, -190] Ahhhh~~!! Looking forward to Seohyun's solo!!!

5. [+875, -183] Seohyun's first solo! Can't wait

6. [+138, -26] Can't wait for it. Makes me even more excited because she's the type that works hard at everything

7. [+132, -25] It won't be a digital single like Hyoyeon or SM Station like Taeyeon but a legit mini album

8. [+122, -22] Seohyun's worked hard all this time, I hope SM puts effort into her solo album

9. [+90, -13] She sang Pixie Lott's Jack in 'Yoo Hyee Yeol's Sketchbook, it fits her so well. I hope she come out with a song that has that kind of feel

10. [+120, -24] If not an acoustic song, I hope she releases a ballad

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