Nam Joo Hyuk cast as male lead in tvN drama 'Bride of the Water God'

Naver - Mydaily: [Exclusive] Nam Joo Hyuk confirmed for tvN's 'Bride of the Water God'
(tn: this article claims he's confirmed but all the recent article says he's still in discussion)

1. [+5,373, -240] Habaek is sexy and has this fatal vibe to him, as for Nam Joo Hyuk, he's warm and cute

2. [+5,064, -173] Oh....? Oh???????

3. [+3,769, -233] Bride of the Water God is daebak... His image is roughly a match for the role but can he pull off the role with his acting?... There are parts where he has to be cynical too

4. [+3,104, -332] Nam Joo Hyuk's so handsome even to the eyes of men but his acting still needs work ㅜ

5. [+3,296, -489] I hope his acting improves

6. [+769, -18] They must find someone who gives a bit more of that angst and sexiness.. Also, this manhwa's somewhat a heart wrenching fantasy, I don't think it would be as good if adapted into a drama, not to mention there are hardly any comedic elements.. Since it's being made into a drama and not a movie, they can't just show heart wrenching scenes the whole time and it's going to be weird if they add humorous scenes

7. [+606, -21] If you change the background setting to Seoul and the present day, how is this any different to Goblin?

8. [+569, -11] The drama will flop the moment writer Jung Yoon Jung strays away from the original. I was a fan of Misaeng but all the scenes from her head were hard to understand

9. [+460, -8] It's over if this gets ruined

10. [+459, -8] It's such a legendary manhwa

11. [+341, -13] I like Bride of the Water God.. Nam Joo Hyuk's a good choice visual-wise but I can't picture him acting cold. Or have I just gotten used to him in 'Kim Bok Joo'

12. [+293, -13] I'm curious about the female lead but I'm dying to know who will be cast to play the young Habaek ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. [+296, -10] Who's going to be the female lead?
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