[Spoilers] Introverted Boss (Pilot)

Naver - Ten Asia: 'Introverted Boss', Park Hye Soo approaches Yeon Woo Jin to get revenge for Han Chae Ah 

1. [+2,381, -183] The female lead sucks at acting.. Isn't it too much that the secretary, a supporting character, is better at acting?

2. [+2,087, -86] Yeon Woo Jin's handsome

3. [+1,937, -47] I was like, should I switch to a different channel?... Nah, this seems fun.. switch to another channel?.. should I sleep early?..

4. [+1,824, -59] Watched it for Yeon Woo Jin because I like him but what is this stuffy feeling? Too frustrating, I switched to a different channel

5. [+1,584, -138] The female lead constantly talks in a whispery tone, it's uncomfortable to listen to. Can't she do something about it? If she fixes it, she'll be fine

6. [+639, -14] The acting is a problem too but so are the drama's directing and pacing. Ah crazy, it's supposed to be the first episode but it felt more like watching the highlight. There's too many scenes that don't even have connection with each other, totally broke the flow for me. While the other actors manage to keep the tension high, only Yeon Woo Jin is stable. I don't understand the story and the pacing feels off ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+624, -23] Looking the first episode, I doubt this will break Entourage's rating

Naver - news 1: Introverted Boss records 3.2% in ratings, joins lineup of tvN's solid rom coms 

1. [+3,116, -73] Well, this may as well be its highest rating...judging from yesterday's episode

2. [+2,219, -57] Wasn't as good as I thought.. I had high hopes but the female lead's attitude to the male lead.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The characters leave a lot to be desired

3. [+1,966, -63] The acting is a bit disappointing... I can't get into the story

4. [+1,459, -61] We'll have to wait and see how things will play out but the first episode is nothing special

5. [+683, -27] That rating is because of viewers who were looking forward to Yeon Woo Jin and the director of Oh Hae Young..I'm disappointed with the female lead's acting


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