Wonder Girls disbands after 10 years

Naver - tv Report: JYP "Wonder Girls disband... Yeeun and Sunmi have left"
1. [+6,186, -69] Yeeun and Sunmi aren't staying?

2. [+4,585, -66] The original members have left.  The agency didn't kick them out but they left on their own ㅜㅜ

3. [+3,509, -50] Hul???? Wonder Girls is disbanding??

4. [+2,571, -48] Hul..

5. [+2,226, -77] No way...

6. [+804, -26] Their album did well last year, what a shame. Totally unexpected of Sunmi to leave, will she go into acting? And yet another influential girl group of the generation is breaking up

7. [+710, -28]  Breaks my heart to see talented girl groups like Wonder Girls and 2NE1 disbanding ㅜㅜㅜ I personally liked their last song.. Wishing the 4 members happiness and success ~~

8. [ +706, -27] That's unfortunate. Why So Lonely was a hit which makes it even sadder

9. [+635, -12] I think JYP treated Sunmi well, she left Wonder Girls but came back. Her solos 24 Hours and Full Moon were great

10. [+472,-20] Huh? ㅠㅠ  Just like 2NE1, the girl groups of my youth are disbanding ㅠㅜ This is sad... cries

11. [+509, -59] Hul.. now, only SNSD remains

12. [+386, -14] I knew they'd disband someday but I didn't expect Yeeun and Sunmi would leave

13. [+278, -7] It's not like their last album flopped, why are they disbanding ?


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