Writer Kim Eun Sook plans to come back with a sageuk next year

Naver - Munhwa Ilbo: "Kim Eun Sook's next piece to be aired in the first half of next year... keeping many possibilities open"

1. [+10,405, -309] Will you summon Wang Yeo if it's a sageuk?... I liked Lee Dong Wook as a grim reaper but he's epic as Wang Yeo. It would be nice if you two work together again

2. [+7,708, -313] Please cast Lee Dong Wook again!!  Wang Yeo is unforgettable~~

3. [+5,599, -116] Ooh~ Goosebumps. Working on her next one already?

4. [+7,886, -1,007] How about Kang Dong Won-ssi this time? Writer, I want Kang Dong Won in a drama

5. [+3,952, -120] I guess we'll be finally seeing a fun sageuk in tvN after a long time

6. [+761, -36] She just finished with Dokkaebi, proves how hardworking she is

7. [+744, -38] I like this writer's mindset. I'm a fan of sageuks and if both Kim Eun Sook and Kim Eun Hee will come out with sageuks.. they're going to be legendary for sure

8. [+719, -33] Watching Dokkaebi, I can tell she has the knack for sageuks too ㅎ

9. [+670, -22] The fight for that next lead role spot is gonna be fierce

10. [+675, -34] Lovers in Paris, Lovers in Prague, Secret Garden, Heirs, Gentleman's Dignity, DotS, Dokkaebi ㄷㄷ Kim Eun Sook is indeed amazing


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