#1025 Photoshoots of female celebrities before and after editing

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Originally posted on:  09/08/2016



Go Jun Hee

Kim Hye Soo

Kang Sora


Kang Min Kyung

Hwang Jung Eum


Yoo In Na

Daum Cafe: Photoshoots of female celebrities before after editing 

-Seolhyun looks so much better prior to editing

-I don't see much difference

-The photoshop is only obvious on Kim Hye Soo and Kang Min Kyung

-Bad angle for Kim Hye Soo's before photo. She actually has amazing proportions

-Kang Sora and Seolhyun are daebak

-It's like comparing a photo taken with phone and a photo taken with DSLR

-Everyone looks amazing before and after

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