#403 Facts you didn't know about the cast of R88 (mostly about their ages)

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Deok Sun's parents are the same age and are 44 years in 1988 while
they are 72 years old in 2015. In real lfe,Sung Dong Il is '67er which
 makes him 49, Lee Il Hwa is a '71er and is 45 years old. There's a
 4-year age difference between them.
Deok Sun is 18, Bora is 21 and No Eul is 17.  In real life, Choi Sung Won is 31
and is the oldest of the three, Ryu Hye Young is 25, Hyeri is 22.
In the drama, Ra Mi Ran was born in 1943 and she's a year older than her huband.
In real life, she's 5 years older than Kim Sung Gyun (36).
In the drama, Jung Bong is 24 while Jung Hwan is 18.
In real life, both are 30 years old. 
In the drama, Sung Gyun is 21 years older than Jung Bong and 27 years older
than Jung Hwan. Since Ahn Jae Hong and Ryu Joon Yeol are the same age,
they're only 6 years younger than Kim Sung Gyun in real life. 
Sun Woo's mom, played by Kim Sun Young-ssi is from Jellyfish
Entertainment, the same agency as VIXX and Park Hyo Shin. 
Among the three neighborhood ahjumma, Ra Mi Ran is the oldest, then Lee Il Hwa
and the youngest is Kim Sun Young. In real life, Lee Il Hwa is a 76er, Ra Mi Ran is
a 75er and Kim Sun Young a 76er.
These dads are all 44-year olds. In real life, Sung Dong Il is a 67er, Kim Sung
Gyun a 80er and Choi Moo Sung a 68er. Sung Dong Il is the oldest, Kim Sung
Gyun is the maknae.
Deok Sun's guy friends were born in 1971 and are 18-year olds. Their ages in
real life: Lee Dong Hwi -31, Ryu Joon Yeol - 30, Go Kyung Pyo - 26
Park Bo Gum - 23. Dong Ryong is the oldest, Taek is the maknae. 
Hyeri, a 94er, is the youngest of the 5.
Bora is older by 3 years in the drama. In real life, Go Kyung Pyo is 1 year
older than Ryu Hye Young. 
No Eul (17) is 7 years younger than Jung Bong (24). In real life, No Eul (Choi
Sung Won) is older than Jung Bong (Ahn Jae Hong) by a year.
Deok Sun and her friends are 18. In real life, Lee Minji (center) is 28,
Lee Se Young (right) is 27, Hyeri is 22.
Taek and Deok Sun are the same age. Park Bo Geum is actually a year
older than Hyeri
Jung Bong (24) is the oldest of the bunch. Choi Sung Won who plays No Eul
is actually 31 which makes him the oldest.
Deok Sun (18) is older by a year than No Eul (17).
In real life, Choi Sung Won is 9 years older.
Ryu Joon Yeol is 8 years older than Hyeri 
Ryu Joon Yeol is 7 years older than Park Bo Gum.
Instiz: Facts we didn't know about the cast of 'Reply 1988'

-I'm so jealous of Hyeri

-I'm most surprised of the fact that Sun Woo's mom is from Jellyfish

-I can't believe Ryu Joon Yeol's already 30

-Choi Sung Won is believable as a 17 years old. Such a good actor ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Heol. Sun Woo's mom is from Jellyfish

-How lucky is Hyeri! She gets to work with a good group of actors plus the drama is daebak. I'm envious. Did she save the nation in her past life?

-They haven't shown Deok Sun's parents in 2015, right? Makes me worried that they're already dead. I'm crossing my fingers ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


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