#1491 Is a 2nd season possible for Moon?

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Originally posted on: 11/02/2016

Osen  - Naver: Lee Jun Ki's time slip this time? 'Moon Lovers', let's go for a season 2

1. [+7,280, -169] Change the director and writer if there's ever a season 2!!

2. [+6,608, -187] Honestly, a drama that began and ended for Lee Jun Ki..the cast saved the crappy script

3. [+4,457, -94] Ah show us all the missing scenes too..

4. [+3,469, -159] I want a season 2 with a different writer and director

5. [+3,375, -133] Didn't the original get a season 2 following the success of the first one? I had high expectations for the Korean version knowing the director of It's Okay It's Love but it's a major disappointment because of the writer

6. [+757, -38] The scene where Gwang Jong is all alone in the end broke my heart

7. [+741, -44] They're better off without a second season but maybe do a 1-episode special where they meet in the present and have a happy ending. This writer has no creativity

8. [+713, -46] Season 2 is pushing it, I just want a special episode.. I'm still frustrated over the ending

9. [+658, -37] Given the time constraints for 20 episodes, a lot of the scenes were actually edited out and it didn't seem right that Hae Soo and Wook had a lot of scenes in the beginning

10. [+609, -30] Consider getting a different writer and director for season 2. When Lee Jun Ki read the letter and broke down in tears, I couldn't help but think his efforts were wasted

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