#1508 SM female idols who dyed their hair red

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Originally posted on: 11/11/2016





    theqoo: Your type among SM female idols who dyed their hair red? 

    -Krystal comes to mind first when I think of SM idols with red hair

    -Yeri suits it the best. Krystal's face hard carries

    -They're all pretty!

    -Sunny surprisingly looks good with red hair

    -Is there even a hairstyle that doesn't look good on Krystal?

    -I saw Yeri being interviewed on Music Bank and thought she reminded me of Ariel with the red hair

    -The red hair compliments Wendy's skin tone pretty well

    -Krystal's red hair looks plasticky but her visuals made up for it

    -Soojung wins

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