Celebrities before and after getting their teeth fixed

Lee Hyori

Park Han Byul

Kang Hye Jung

Kim Tae Hee

Song Hye Kyo

Seo Ji Young

Jeon Ji Hyun

Kang Yoo Mi

Soo Ae

Han Ye Seul

Kim Yuna

Lee Na Young

Lee Yo Won

Hwang Jung Eum

Goo Hara

Chae Jung Ahn


Yoo Seung Ho

Daum Cafe: Before and after dental work 

-Kang Hye Jung lost her unique feel after getting her teeth fixe

-Han Ye Seul's before photo looks like a completely different person

-I'd get my teeth done too if only I had the money

-Kim Tae Hee looks like she only got lamination done

-At least, their dental work went well. I feel sorry when I see people who suffer from side effects

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